Palermo, April 6-7-8 2017




Right to the Future is the title of the Urban Thinkers Campus promoted by the United Nations and organized by PUSH in partnership with the Municipality of Palermo that took place in Palermo from 6th to 8th April 2017.

The event was aimed to propose visions for the future of Palermo and develop concrete proposals inspired by the New Urban Agenda.

Here below, an overview of the event in numbers.


The number of Urban Thinkers Campus we have organized in Palermo.
Right to the Future comes after City as a Service that took place in 2015.

Both of them were amazing experiences but for the moment don’t expect us to organize the third one, please…


The valuable volunteers who helped us in everything during the three-day Campus.

Many many thanks again to Carlo, Giovanni, Martina, Paolo, Sergio and Simona.


The movies used by The Piranesi Experience to talk about Palermo in its work Palermo Telling.

The short film, produced ad hoc for Right to the Future, was screened at Santi Euno e Giuliano during a side event organized in partnership with Manifesta 12.


The heroic team members who took care of the organization of the event.

Together with the 7 “pushers” there were also Alessandro (graphic and videos), Deborah (roundtables), Eliana (logistics), Francesca (communication), Luca (photos), Rita (translations) and Zeno (communication).


The amazing speakers, many of them also dear friends, who accepted the invitation to take part to the event contributing to make it valuable for our city.

In order of appearance: Emanuela, Luigi, Mariana, Marco, Giacomo, Sara, Massimiliano, Stefania, Amit, Angelica, Iris, Sandro, Abdulrahman, Richard, Tobias, Ignazio, Rainer, Daniela and Peter Paul.

All the speeches are available here.


The side events taking place between April 4th and 10th that contributed to make Right to the Future an initiative open to everyone.

Find here an overview of all the events.


The “Write to the Future” postcards used by the participants to write to their future selves in order to remind something important heard or seen during the event.

We promised that we will send all the postcards in one year, in order not to forget this experience.


The proposals collected through the Open Call and selected by the Scientific Committee that will be part of the international publication “Right to the Future: Vision Development Kit for the Future of Palermo”.

The book, including all the visions for the future of Palermo, will be edited by Flaccovio; it will be published by the end of 2017.


The partners who supported us in this exciting adventure, helping us with communication, providing services, food, drinks and accommodations for all our guests.

If the event was successful, we also owe it to them!

(If you are curious to know who they are, find all of them at the bottom of this page)



The millions we asked to invest for the future of Palermo.

The survey, proposing 10 different field of interest for the city, was filled out by around one hundred between foreigners and Palermitans

The most voted field was Environment and Sustainability.


The people registered during the event.
Moreover, about 1000 users followed the online streaming during the three-day conference.


The Good Fucking Design Advice provided by Brian and Jason during their pitch at Magneti Cowork.

An unbelievable side event organized in partnership with UX Book Club Palermo.


The number of candy papers used to choose, during the Campus, the priority for the future of Palermo.

The participants’ verdict ultimately confirmed the votes collected through the web survey. Selected by the 48% of the voters, Environment and Sustainability was again the favourite field of interest.


The emails sent/received through the account with an average of about 40 per day.


The kilometers traveled by our guests to reach Palermo, with a consequent impact in terms of CO2 tons that, unfortunately, doesn’t make us happy…

In collaboration with


Institutional Partners




Supporting Partners


Technical Sponsors


Technical Partners


Media Partners


Intensive School

To explore the topic of Service Design applied to urban policies, at the end of the Campus it will be possible to participate in an immersive training program to be held in Palermo from April 18th to 22nd.

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