Palermo, April 6-7-8 2017



From the New Urban Agenda to the future of Palermo

Thanks to the experience of City as a Service and the participation to the conference Habitat III, this year PUSH has been invited by the United Nations to organise a second Urban Thinkers Campus.

Right to the Future will take place in Palermo from the 6th to the 8th of April 2017 and it will develop a debate focusing three main topics: youth, multiculturalism and local development.

Throughout a series of participatory activities – Open Call, Urban Labs, and Roundtables – the aim of the Campus is to create practical proposals in line with the principles of the New Urban Agenda, to inspire visions for the city over the next years.


Thursday, April 6

9:15_ Opening Plenary

10:00_ Urban Lab

12:00_ Urban Thinkers Session

15:00_ Roundtables

15:00_ Partner Group Sessions

Friday, April 7

9:15_ Opening Plenary

10:00_ Urban Lab

12:00_ Urban Thinkers Session

15:00_ Roundtables

15:00_ Urban Journalism Academy

Saturday, April 8

15:15_ Plenary Session

16:00_ Urban Lab

18:00_ Urban Thinkers Session

A week full of super interesting events!

Here is the list of the amazing side events that will enrich the Right to the Future Urban Thinkers Campus from April 4th to 9th.

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Institutional partners


Supporting Partners

Technical Sponsors

Technical partners

Media partners

Intensive School

To explore the topic of Service Design applied to urban policies, at the end of the Campus it will be possible to participate in an immersive training program to be held in Palermo from April 18th to 22nd.

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